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ASF100-20N UV Filtration System

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Machine Coolant Sterilization System
Part Number: ASF100-20N
Features & Benefits
  • 26W UVC germicidal lamp eliminates microbial growth
  • 20" filter removes metal chips and contaminants from fluid
  • Clear styrene-acrylonitrile sump for easy visual inspection
  • Fluid passes the length of the UV bulb for maximum exposure
  • Built in electronics for a variety of operation modes
  • 3/4" female NPT threaded input and output connections

The ASF100-20N is recommended for use on aqueous parts washers and other systems utilizing clear and translucent fluids. The 26W germicidal lamp emits UVC light to inhibit microbial growth while the longer filter sump promotes maximum light exposure and effectiveness. The rugged stainless steel filter helps to remove metal chips and contaminants from the fluid that can cause damage to other components. A fully-programmable built-in timer allows the ASF100-20N to be customized to fit any shop schedule and can act as a stand-alone unit with the capability to control an auxiliary pump. The optional I/O cable allows an external system using M code relays to operate and monitor the ASF100-20N.

The ASF100 from Inauvate is a UV light system designed to control the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungi that spoil coolant by sterilizing living cells and preventing the growth of future colonies. This prolongs coolant life leading to fewer change outs per year, reduced machine downtime, lower disposal cost, and more time for maintenance personnel to perform other tasks. It also has green benefits that include reduced waste, no chemicals, minimal energy costs and a cleaner/healthier work environment. A multi-pass filter system helps to remove larger chips from the coolant stream that cause tool wear.

  ASF100-20N UV Filtration System
Ultraviolet Filtration System
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Filter Element
375 Micron SS
540 Micron SS
840 Micron SS
SAN (Clear)
Polypropylene (Blue)
Power Cable
Recommended Accessories
Mounting Bracket
Mounting Bracket
Sump Wrench
Sump Wrench
I/O Cable
I/O Cable
Product Comparison
  ASF100-10N ASF100-10N ASF100-10N ASF100-10N
ASF100-10N ASF100-10H ASF100-20N ASF100-20H
Entry Level Value High Power in a
Small Package
Extended Performance Top of the Line
Recommended Fluid Clear Translucent  Clear/ Translucent Opaque
Exposure to UV Light Good Better Better Maximum
Light Wavelength UVC UVC UVC UVC
Lamp Wattage 14W 29W 26W 54W
Filter Dimension 10" x 2.5" 10" x 2.5" 20" x 2.5" 20" x 2.5"
Filter Life Normal Normal Maximum Maximum
Max Pressure 50 psi 50 psi 50 psi 50 psi
Max Flow Rate 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min 20 US gal/min
Max Tank Volume 120 US gal 120 US gal 120 US gal 120 US gal
Max Temperature 125 F 125 F 125 F 125 F
Bulb Life Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bulb Failure Warning Yes Yes
Shipping Weight 13 lbs 13 lbs 14 lbs 14 lbs
Sump Dimension 13.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 13.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 23.75" x 5.88" x 5.25" 23.75" x 5.88" x 5.25"
Control Box Dimension 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75" 6.25" x 4.25" x 1.75"
Questions and Answers
Q: Will the ASF100 clean the coolant while my CNC machine is idle? - Asked by:  - 4/14/2014
A: The coolant needs to be flowing through the ASF100 for it to work properly. The ASF100 can be programmed to run an external circulating pump on a daily or weekly basis. - Answer provided by:  Tech Support (4/14/2014)
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